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Fat Dissolving Injections

The substance injected then dissolves the fat cell content. The result is a smaller waist line, bum or thighs. No anesthesia, surgical risk or pain medication needed and no recovery time!! Mesotherapy can be used on any part of the body, including double chin and fat pads under the eyes. Alternative mesotherapy treatments include injections to stimulate hair growth, micro injections in the face that turns back the clock on the skin and various other medical conditions.

Mesotherapy blocks the body’s ability to store fat and stimulates the body’s ability to burn fat. It is not considered an alternative to an educated and healthy lifestyle, but it is a very useful tool to have in a weight loss and skin rejuvenation practice.

Unlike surgery, Mesotherapy is virtually painless, requires no down time, no heavy bandages or girdles, and no anaesthesia. Unlike many surgical procedures that require several days or weeks of recovery time, patients undergoing Mesotherapy have no interruptions to their daily life.