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IPL Laser Hair Reduction

IPL Treatments – Palomar StarLux Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

hair removal

As we already know, just about your entire body is covered with hair: some are coarse and dark, and some are so fine and pale that they aren’t visible to the naked eye. Humans, in fact, have more hair follicles per square inch than higher primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas do. There is an answer to unwanted body hair. In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair were plucking, shaving, and waxing or chemical depilatories. Some are painful, some are messy, and all are only temporary.

Now there is a more effective solution, the Palomar Starlux intenese pulsed light therapy, a state of the art system specially designed to remove unwanted hair faster, less painfully, and more reliable than electrolysis.


how does it work?

For hair removal, the melanin in the hair absorbs this light and is heated to a temperature that permanently inhibits the hair’s growth by destroying the hair follicle.

who can be treated?

The versatility of the Palomar Starlux provides a safe and effective treatment for most hair and skin types, but a consultation with a registered nurse will provide you with a complete treatment program and any relevant precautionary advice. As the treatment have little or no visible side–effects, effective procedures can be performed quickly with no downtime.

is there anything i need to do prior to, or after treatment?

It is advisable to stay out of the sun, and away form tanning beds, for at least 6 weeks prior to any treatment to ensure that your skin is as close as possible to its natural color. You must ensure that all cosmetics are removed form the treatment area with a good cleanser and then allow the skin to settle. As the skin may be slightly more sensitive post–treatment it is recommended to use skin products developed for sensitive skin and again avoid the sun or tanning beds.

what you can expect

The length of a laser session can be a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. Because the laser tends to treat hair follicles, that are in the active growth phase. Additional follow–up treatments are required to get the hair that was in the resting and regression phase. However, one treatment may show great results and significant enough improvement that it may be all you desire or require. The laser treatment itself can cause a slight tingling sensation. Most patients tolerate the procedure well. The appearance of the treated area immediately after a laser session will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of treatment. Immediate after-effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness and swelling, which disappear in a short time. Most people return to normal activity right away.

Hair has three phases of growth. During every treatment the hair in the active growth phase will be eliminated. For this reason more than one and up to 6 treatments might be necessary for optimal results.