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Nimue Body Zone

Nimue Spa Body Treatments – the Concept

Spa treatments have long been in demand for creating a calming and soothing experience for one’s body, mind and soul. However, the NIMUE spa product line goes one step further: to achieve visible results. A collection of four sophisticated and scientifically created spa treatments, with the highest concentrations and unique combinations of active ingredients, will address specific and persistent concerns such as rejuvenation, exfoliation, repair and detoxification BUT always giving pleasure and total well being.

nimue body zone treatments

intensive foot treatment (20min)

Give your feet the attention they deserved with this intensive treatment which leaves the feet soft and moisturised.

anti-ageing hand & arm treatment (30min)

Improve skin tone and elasticity to reverse the ageing process.

acne back treatment (45min)

Adult acne can now successfully be treated.

stretch mark and scar treatment (30min)

Treatment of new Scar and Stretch marks.

specialised dry skin treatment (45min)

The ultimate Skin rejuvenation treatment and is also suitable for skin classifications with Psoriasis.

body contour treatment (45min)

Activating the body’s fat-burning process with detoxifying benefits.

firming bust treatment (30min)

A tightening and firming effect.