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Fractional Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening – Palomar Infra Red (IR) Treatment

This revolutionary treatment produces long term face and neck lifting by tightening of the skin. Also tightens skin on stomach and upper arms. Deep heating of the skin with light energy stimulates collagen to contract and also new collagen growth beneath the skin surface. The IR is the first light-based solution for treating wrinkles through tightening skin. Light pulses from the IR hand piece heat the dermis well beneath the skin’s surface, while continuous cooling protects the epidermis, the skin’ upper layer, during the treatment. The cooling system of the Lux IR is very effective – this makes this treatment very comfortable compared to other skin tightening devices.

Some patients experience immediate tightening right after the treatment. However, most patients see optimal results within a few months as new collagen forms leaving patients with fresher, younger–looking skin with long term results.

who is a candidate for tightning?

Men and women whose skin is beginning to show the signs of age around their necks and jaw lines (turkey necks and jowls) are popular candidates for IR. Also, post–pregnancy mothers who have lost the baby weight, but haven’t been able to tighten up the loose stomach skin are ideal candidates.