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Galvanic Anti Ageing

new! galvanic spa specialised facial (30min)

A galvanic current promotes the absorption of active substances deep into the skin. Amazing immediate anti–aging effect. Diminish deep and small facial lines with improved appearance of the skin. Works synergistically with specially formulated products to transport key ingredients to your skin.

  • FACIAL – Smooth lines & wrinkles and rejuvenate your complexion.
  • HAIR – Revitalize your scalp to restore fullness and shine.
  • BODY – Renovate your body by 55% reduction in cellulite reappearance, 37% in skin firmness and a 69% skin smoothness.


Galvanic Spa III treatment available for home care. P.O.R. Ask you therapist.

“The first time I used my spa, the results where truly phenomenal! The lines across the top of my forehead appeared diminished and my smile lines where gentlly softened. I used my spa two to three times a week and every time I use it, the results seem even better and last longer. It is great fun to look as young as I feel!!”

new! advanced age defying ‘facelift’ (60min)

Combination of Galvanic Spa & Purelogic Mask

Achieve a youthful complexion without invasive techniques. Instantly brightens, re–hydrates, firms and tones the skin. Visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Pure Collagen Age Defying packages available on request