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Benefits of the VelaShape II

Benefits of the VelaShape II

If you are looking for a non-surgical solution to contour your body and have smooth skin, our VelaShape II treatment is your answer. It combines 3 elements into 1 device that targets the necessary elements of the skin for a healthier and rejuvenated result. These elements consist of Infrared Radiation frequency (IR), bipolar radio frequency (RF), and a vacuum. The combination allows for a simultaneous treatment of the skin surface, as well as the levels of skin tissue underneath the surface. Although it only serves as a temporary solution to cellulite on the surface of the skin, it delivers a useful solution to treating the tissue of the skin for a more rejuvenated and contoured appearance.

Starting at the surface, the vacuum of the VelaShape II device will smooth out the effects of cellulite that is caused by fat deposits that have penetrated the skin tissue. The vacuum will not reduce the size of the responsible fat cells, only serving as a means to reduce the visible effect. However, this is where the use of infrared light and radio frequency come into play. Once these waves hit the surface of the skin, it penetrates the skin to access the skin tissue, where it is converted into heat energy by the body.

Infrared wavelengths are commonly used in medical and cosmetic applications. By utilising these wavelengths, various cells can be targeted in the body. In this case, the VelaShape II device utilises a specific wavelength that penetrates the skin up to a depth of 3 mm. As the energy is converted to heat energy, the IR waves are used to heat up the initial tissue layer directly underneath the surface. This promotes collagen production in the specific area, delivering new structural protein cells for a rejuvenated look. Heat also burns fat, which is an additional benefit for trimming centimetres off your body.

Radio frequency waves are used to penetrate the skin to a depth of 15 mm. These waves are also converted into heat energy for similar purposes and benefits as the IR waves. By applying heat at such a depth, the VelaShape II is the ideal 3-in-1 approach to losing centimetres while temporarily decreasing the effect of cellulite on the surface of the skin. We recommend that candidates have a BMI of around 30 to be eligible for this type of cosmetic treatment, as it is not a means to lose weight and rather a means to contour a healthy and in-shape body.

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