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Cellulite Treatment Information

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a skin condition where fat deposits have penetrated the skin tissue layer and are visible on the surface of the skin. It is more common in women than men, due to the difference between the skin tissue patterns of the 2 genders. While men have a criss-cross pattern of tissue beneath the skin, women have a parallel pattern that is much easier to penetrate. Therefore, fat deposits are more likely to appear on the surface of the skin for women. Luckily, we have a smart way of treating these areas with an innovative and effective treatment.

Reducing cellulite can be a real pain without the proper treatment. Many women are healthy and in good physical shape, but still suffer from cellulite due to stubborn fat deposits that do not react to regular exercise or dietary adjustments. Therefore, cosmetic treatments can address the problem for a smoother and more toned skin and body. We offer a treatment that is called body carboxy, or carboxytherapy. This innovative treatment utilises the power of carbon dioxide injections and how the body reacts to them to effectively treat cellulite and rejuvenate the skin on the treated area. This is how it works.

Our bodies are dependent on oxygen. With a shortage of oxygen, the cells in our bodies deteriorate and die, since they have no proverbial fuel to keep them going. Carboxytherapy is based around this concept and is quickly becoming the leading skin rejuvenation treatment option around the world. Therefore, its efficiency speaks for itself. The treatment involves the injection of small amounts of carbon dioxide beneath the skin of the affected area. The carbon dioxide breaks down the fatty deposits to allow the body to metabolise them over time. The decrease in oxygen on the specific area triggers the body to send an influx of oxygen and nutrients to that area.

This sudden influx rejuvenates the skin and can be classified as the body healing itself. This surge of oxygen and nutrients is also ideal for stimulating blood circulation and cell restoration. Therefore, you can expect a healthier, more rejuvenated skin surface. The increased blood circulation is also good for treating fine wrinkles and small stretchmarks on the skin. By stimulating collagen in the treated area, fine marks on the skin are softened, which leaves the rest up to the elasticity of the skin to even them out and reduce their visibility.

DermaCare is your first choice in cosmetic treatments for cellulite in Pretoria. If you are healthy and want to get rid of that annoying orange-peel skin, carboxytherapy is a viable option for you. For more info on our available treatments and products, please peruse our website for details. Forget about cellulite and bring out the true beauty in you today.

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