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Deep Infrared Skin Tightening

Utilising Infrared to Tighten Skin

Technology has opened several doors for many industries to advance and get results more efficiently than ever before. This concept is also true for the world of cosmetic products and treatments. Through the discovery, control, and manipulation of infrared wavelengths, there has been an abundance of medical devices created to assist in various treatments. Infrared laser crystals are also commonly used to power different lasers that utilise infrared radiation or light for specific applications. We utilise the power of the Palomar Lux Deep IR device to deliver a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for skin tightening. The advanced contact cooling system ensures a more comfortable treatment. The deep heating of the collagen in the skin of the face and neck will result in a tighter, remodelled skin with the benefit of long-term effects. Any sagging skin on the areas of the stomach, upper arms, and inner thighs can be treated.

Our skin is one of the most important organs of our body. However, there are some factors that diminish the elasticity of the skin, leaving it dry and sagging, and leading to other complications. Age and excessive exposure to the sun are both common causes of skin losing its healthy and elastic state. To counter these effects, the cosmetic industry has developed a plethora of skincare products that can assist in maintaining your skin. However, these products rarely address the true problem, which is the collagen structures underneath the skin surface.

Using IR Waves to Tighten the Skin

Science is an amazing feat that breaks down the various elements of nature. By utilising what humankind has discovered about wavelengths, energy conversion, and cell coagulation, the Palomar Lux Deep IR device can perform miracles for your skin. This device produces an Infrared wave that is directly released onto the targeted area of the skin. These waves bypass healthy cells on its way, which is possible through the specific type of laser and wavelength being used. It also passes through the initial layer of skin to reach the collagen cells underneath.

Collagen is the main structural protein in the connective tissues in the human body. Therefore, by addressing these cells that are found in the tissue structure underneath the skin, the Palomar Lux Deep IR device addresses the problem at its root. The infrared waves that hit and pass through the skin are converted into heat energy by the body. With the specified wavelength and heat, these waves can now go to work to force damaged collagen cells into coagulation. The result is recycled and renewed collagen cells on the targeted area, which in turn tightens the skin for a younger and more healthy look and feel.

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