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Fast and Effective Hair Reduction Solutions

Fast and Effective Hair Reduction Solutions

Many people want to find a feasible method of reducing or removing unwanted hair in specific areas of their bodies. These people would resort to shaving, waxing, or using specific products to reduce the hair growth and stimulation on those areas. However, these solutions are temporary and require constant reapplication over extended periods. DermaCare offers a solution that is not only aimed at long-term results, but also at giving our customers a more enjoyable experience. Shaving can be a real hassle, while waxing involves a lot of pain. Our solution removes those aspects from hair reduction and removal.

Struggling with excess hair is a problem for both men and women. Men would normally not consider waxing as a feasible option and would rather defer to the shaving blade to take care of it. Women would consider waxing and shaving as workable solutions to remove or reduce hair in a specific area of their bodies. However, our Palomar Pulsed Light system delivers a more approachable solution for both sexes in this matter. By using the power of science to convert energy, this device can be used to reduce and remove hair on specified areas on your body.

Hair follicles are located underneath the surface of the skin. These cells are responsible for hair growth and are the focus of the pulsed light treatment. The device is designed to be placed and moved directly on the skin’s surface for direct and accurate treatment of affected areas. The sensation of the device pulsing light energy through the skin is comparable to that of a rubber band being snapped on the skin. Therefore, you can avoid shaving cuts and the agony of peeling dried wax strips from your skin.

During the light pulsing phase, the pigments in the follicles absorb the light energy. The energy is then converted into heat energy, burning the cells responsible for hair growth at the roots. This process loosens the hair to make it easy to remove. It also disables the cells from producing a replacement hair once the current version is removed. As a result, hair reduction in specific areas on the body is achieved through a better and more efficient method than continuous shaving or waxing. This treatment requires that any antibiotics or Cortisone intake be discontinued 2 weeks before the scheduled treatment session.

DermaCare is your first choice regarding various cosmetic treatments for both men and women. For more info on our pulsed light hair reduction treatments, please peruse our website for details, pricings, and how the system works. Choose us today and let us bring out your inner beauty with our range of cosmetic treatments.

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