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Hair Reduction: A More Effective Method

A More Effective Method for Hair Reduction

We can all agree that shaving and waxing are both very dated and avoidable ways to get rid of hair on your body. Both shaving and waxing are only temporary solutions to hair reduction as well, since neither of them address the real issue to stop hair growth. The follicles beneath the skin are responsible for generating new hair and hair growth. Shaving merely shortens the length of the hair, while waxing plucks out the hair, which is soon replaced by a new one. Therefore, a more effective way of hair reduction is required.

We use the Palomar® Pulsed Light Hair Removal system that addresses the follicles beneath the skin to tackle the problem at its roots. This device is ideal for removing small and large areas of unwanted hair on specific parts of the body. It is very effective to target areas on women’s legs and men’s backs to get rid of unwanted hair. This device is comfortable and safe when used to reduce hair, as opposed to shaving that could cut your skin, or waxing that is bound to hurt. Here is how this device operates.

By utilising energy conversion, the Palomar® Pulsed Light Hair Removal system uses light energy to reach the follicles underneath the initial layer of skin. The light energy is pulsed onto the intended area from the device. Once the light energy hits and penetrates the skin, the body converts it into heat energy. The heat energy is aimed at the follicles, which will burn the follicle to release the current hair and disable it from producing a new one. As a result, the old hair can simply be removed, and the area will be hair-free for a while.

Since this handy device targets multiple hair follicles simultaneously, it can be used to remove hair on large areas of the body. Therefore, it is a perfectly feasible alternative to shaving and waxing. The sensation of the light energy that hits the skin can be described as a rubber band that snaps onto the surface of the skin. In comparison to cutting yourself with a shaver or pulling dried wax from your skin, this procedure is fairly painless. Now, you can enjoy a more beautiful body that is free of hair in unwanted places.

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