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Hair Reduction: Preparing for Summer

Preparing for Summer

Summer is around the corner, which means that it is time to get our bodies in shape for the beach and the pool parties. During Winter, it is easy to let our bodies go for a bit by gaining a few kilo’s and skipping a few gym sessions. Now that the Winter is over, we want to get our bodies back in shape to have a blast during Summer. If you are looking for a hair reduction treatment that is effective and much less painful than waxing, we have the answer for you.

Both men and women grow hair in unwanted places on their bodies. For men, these areas include the back region and the arms. For women, areas include the legs, armpits, and arms. We use the Palomar Light Hair Removal treatment device to deliver permanent hair reduction for these areas of the body. The device makes use of pulsing light energy to treat the hair follicles underneath the skin. Therefore, there is no wax being applied to the surface of the skin to harden the hair and keep it in place when the strip is pulled off. Although waxing is a feasible solution, it doesn’t address the problem of hair growth directly on the treated area.

The Palomar Light Hair Removal device uses light energy that is pulsed onto the skin directly. The light energy passes through the surface and targets the hair follicles underneath. Once the light energy passes through the skin, it is converted into heat energy which burns the follicles and releases the hair in the specific area. The excess hair can simply be removed at this point. The heat from the device damages the follicles to impede them from producing new hair to replace the removed hair. Therefore, the treatment is highly effective to reduce hair and hair growth on a treated area on your body.

This type of treatment is safe and mess-free in comparison to other hair removal treatments. It can also be used to get rid of ingrown hair or remove hair before they become visible. Before treatment can begin, we offer a complimentary consultation to give you the necessary info to properly prepare your body for the treatment. If you are on antibiotics or Cortisone treatment, it must be discontinued 2 weeks in advance. We also advise that you shave the areas that you wish to treat a day before the scheduled treatment.

DermaCare is your solution to efficient hair reduction. We also offer cellulite reduction treatment and skin rejuvenation treatments to bring out the best in your body. For more info on our available products and treatments, please peruse our website for details. Get ready for Summer with DermaCare on your side.

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