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How VelaShape II Can Work For You

How the VelaShape II Can Work for You

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, there are several surgical solutions to address various issues. Luckily, non-surgical alternatives are also feasible for many types of treatments. For body contouring and cellulite treatment, we offer a few options that could be a solution for you. The VelaShape II is a revolutionary device that combines the elements of infrared radiation or light (IR), bipolar radio frequency (RF), and suction into one device that can be used to contour and shape your body, while also temporarily diminishing the appearance of cellulite on the skin surface.

Infrared light covers a specific wavelength of light energy. This wavelength is commonly used for cosmetic purposes. Once it hits the surface of the skin, it is absorbed into the skin, up to a depth of 3 mm. The body converts the infrared energy, which is considered light energy, into heat energy. The VelaShape II utilises this form of light energy to heat up the initial layer of skin tissue underneath the skin surface. The heat energy also promotes new collagen and elastin cell production in the targeted area.

Bipolar radio frequency is created by the RF electrodes present in the hand-held application device of the VelaShape II. This type of energy is also converted into heat energy by the body. The VelaShape II utilises RF to heat up the skin tissue to about a depth of 15 mm underneath the surface. The heat energy serves a similar purpose to the targeted area. The final aspect of the VelaShape II is its vacuum. Since the skin tissue is heated to address collagen and elastin cells and structures, the vacuum is used to smooth out the surface of the skin accordingly.

The combination of these 3 elements results in a slimmer, more contoured body. By targeting stubborn fat deposits, collagen, and elastin in the skin tissue underneath the skin surface, while smoothing out the surface of the skin with the vacuum, the results will speak for themselves. We advise that candidates for this type of treatment has a BMI of 30 or less. This treatment is not a replacement for dietary adjustments and regular exercise to lose weight. It is designed to contour the body, focussed on centimetre loss in the treated area and temporarily treat the effects of cellulite caused by stubborn fat deposits that will not react to conventional weight-loss methods.

DermaCare is your solution to non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Gauteng. We also offer a wide selection of cosmetic products to bring out the true beauty in you. For more info on our VelaShape II body contouring and cellulite treatment, please peruse our website for details on the device and results.

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