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InBody Complete Body Analysis

Benefits of a Complete Body Analysis

If you live a healthy lifestyle, you are very aware of the physical composition of your body. You know that your gross body weight is not a true representation of your bodily composition and must be broken down into relevant sections to accurately measure elements such as total body fat percentage. Conventional dietary adjustments and regular exercise are still the most effective way to burn fat in the body. With the InBody complete body analysis, you can expect a comprehensive approach to accurately reflect the composition of your body mass.

The InBody 370 is a device that delivers a fast and accurate body composition analysis. It is non-invasive and only requires you to stand on the device for 45 seconds. The results are a true reflection of your body composition, based on a worldwide standard that uses the Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA). This type of analysis is extremely useful to accurately measure weight-loss and get a wholistic review of your body composition. Since this device thrives on accuracy, there are some preparations to ensure that the readings are completely accurate.

How to Prepare for Accurate Body Analysis

The most crucial rule of tracking changes in your body is to ensure that you are analysed under similar conditions every time you go for an InBody complete body analysis. Therefore, we have some useful tips to ensure that you can keep the conditions as consistent as possible.

  • Measure yourself at least 2 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid physical activities such as exercise before measuring.
  • Avoid taking a bath or shower before measuring.
  • Measure under moderate temperature conditions.
  • Measure before midday.
  • Ensure that you empty your bladder before measuring.

These tips will eliminate various variables that might have an influence on the consistency of the readings. By ensuring that your body is free of any wasteful liquids, such as urine or sweat, you can create consistent conditions when measuring your body composition. This analysis will assist you to set personal goals during weight-loss periods. It can also inform you on your current status to keep healthy and in shape more efficiently.

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