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IPL Hair Removal: A Safer and Less-Painful Option

IPL Hair Removal Offers a Safer and Less-Painful Option

The problem of superfluous and unwanted hair is one that has plagued women for a long time, and in more recent years, there has even been a tendency among males to become more concerned with regards to what may be perceived as excessive hairiness. In Middle Eastern societies, for example, it was a problem traditionally dealt with by the application of caramelised sugar to the offending area which, when peeled away, extracted any unwanted hairs along with it. This treatment has been adopted by western societies, albeit with the aid of wax rather than toffee. This is an unpleasantly painful procedure, so the advent of alternatives such as electrolytic depilation and IPL hair removal has been welcomed by both cultures.

In the case of electrolysis, the process involves the insertion of an extremely fine probe into a hair follicle and then applying a small electric charge to heat the follicle sufficiently to destroy it, thereby preventing it from producing any further growth. It too is a process accompanied by a certain amount of pain and, although its results are permanent, since each individual follicle must be treated separately, it is a time-consuming treatment, which therefore acts to extend the duration of any discomfort experienced. Furthermore, a number of additional treatments will be required to treat larger areas.

By contrast, IPL hair removal offers the advantage of treating multiple follicles at once, as well as providing subjects with a treatment option that is safer and causes little pain and discomfort. Although the follicles are disabled or destroyed, they are not physically penetrated during the process. Instead, they are exposed to a pulsed laser light which provides the radiant energy absorbed by the pigment present in the follicles, which creates the heat required to incapacitate them.

As well as being the best approach for the treatment of large areas, the technique of IPL hair removal has been found to be effective on most skin tones. Among the many other advantages of this type of depilatory treatment is the fact that it is a quick treatment that produces permanent results and can actually obliterate hairs even before they become visible. Combined with the ability to address large areas, this technique will require fewer repetitions than electrolytic treatments, and therefore provides a choice that, over time, is likely to prove less costly.

Based in Centurion, DermaCare specialises in the use of IPL laser technology not just for permanent hair removal, but also for the removal of unsightly spider veins on the face, and for the popular anti-aging therapy known as photorejuvenation.

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