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IPL Permanent Hair Removal: Removing Hair More Efficiently

Removing Hair More Efficiently

Dealing with body hair is a literal pain for both women and men. Shaving is a common method for dealing with facial hair and hair that grow on legs and arms. However, this method deals with sharp blades that are dragged across the skin. Therefore, shaving can leave behind cuts, burns, and irritated skin. It also only trims the hair to the surface of the skin instead of taking care of the problem at its root. The result is a smooth skin surface, but only for a day or 2.

Waxing is another popular method of dealing with unwanted body hair. It involves applying wax strips onto the targeted area and waiting for it to dry. Once dry, the strips are quickly and forcefully removed from the skin surface, pulling out the unwanted hair. However, this is a painful experience that also only results in a temporary solution. Therefore, we offer an alternative treatment to shaving and waxing for a prolonged effect that can target difficult and hard-to-reach areas on the body. Our permanent hair removal solution targets such a problem at its literal roots.

Benefits of IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

Follicles underneath the skin surface are responsible for producing hair. By shaving, you only shorten the length of the hair that is produced by the follicle. Waxing pulls out the hair but does not disable the follicle to produce another hair in its stead. The Palomar Intense Pulsed Light hair removal system utilises the power of energy conversion to deactivate the follicles and hamper them from producing new hair. As the name suggests, this hand-held device creates intense light energy pulses to address the follicles underneath the skin. How does pulsing light energy take care of hair follicles? That is a good question.

How does the IPL System work?

Our Palomar Medical laser is the most advanced IPL system. The sapphire treatments tips, along with an advanced contact cooling system, helps to protect the epidermis and ensures a more comfortable treatment. The Palomar hand-held device generates pulsed light energy that is directly applied to the surface of the skin through the device. Once these pulses hit the skin surface, you will feel a slight sensation that is comparable to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. The light pulses pass through the initial surface of the skin, where the energy is converted to heat energy by the body. The heat energy hits the hair follicles underneath the targeted area of the skin. This loosens the current hair from the follicle and disables the follicle from producing another hair for a while.

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