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IPL: Using Light Energy for Permanent Hair Removal

Using Light Energy for Permanent Hair Removal

Light energy is commonly utilised in the field of medical applications. Through the use of laser technology and various spectrums of light, certain medical devices can offer a feasible solution to certain problems. The same concept is applied to the world of cosmetics, where laser treatments are used for leg vein removal, collagen stimulation, and permanent hair removal. Our bodies are capable of incredible feats, including the conversion of energy. The Palomar laser systems utilise this handy feat to target areas underneath the surface of the skin.

Our Palomar laser hand-held device that we use for permanent hair removal treatment is one of the most advanced systems of its kind on the market today. It features an advanced contact cooling system, along with a sapphire treatment tip, to deliver a comfortable experience throughout the treatment. When suggesting that laser treatment can be a solution to hair removal, it makes no sense when comparing it to conventional methods such as shaving and waxing. However, those methods do not address the problem at its root. They merely offer a temporary solution for a smooth skin surface.

Dealing with Hair Permanently

Our IPL permanent hair removal treatment utilises the Palomar IPL system that produces controlled pulsed light energy. This pulsed light energy is applied directly to the surface of the skin on the area with unwanted hair through the hand-held device. The onboard computer controls the pulses of light, which will cause a slight sensation as it hits the skin surface. Once the light energy hits the surface, it passes through to reach the hair follicles underneath. The body converts the light energy to heat energy at this point, which burns the follicles in the targeted area.

By applying heat energy to hair follicles, they will be deactivated. Therefore, the follicle will be unable to produce and grow a new hair for the foreseeable future. This device can be used on different parts of the body to remove unwanted hair on a more permanent basis. It is feasible for both women and men. Whether you want to remove unwanted hair from your back, legs, or other areas on the body, the Palomar IPL system can be an alternative and more effective solution as opposed to shaving or waxing.

DermaCare offers a wide selection of cosmetic non-surgical treatments to bring out the true beauty in you. If you want a permanent hair removal solution that works, choose our IPL hair removal treatment for the best results.

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