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Laser Skin Treatments

Effective Laser Skin Treatments

The skin is one of the most important parts of the human body. As it consists of uncountable numbers of cells, the skin is also one of the most active and resilient parts of the body. However, it is susceptible to various forms of damage. Bruising can cause marks, aging will influence the structure of the skin cells, and too much exposure to the sun can also cause unnecessary damage. In most cases, skin tightening treatments involve surgery. Luckily, DermaCare offers laser skin treatment that does not require any surgical procedure.

Skin rejuvenation involves returning the skin to healthier and smoother state. Tightening the skin through facelifts addressed this problem. However, facelifts can be painful and would require an extended healing and recovery period after surgery. We approach this problem differently. Using the Palomar deep IR laser, we offer laser skin treatments to rejuvenate the skin on a more natural level. This laser uses infrared waves to apply heat to the skin. It penetrates the skin to treat the collagen structures in the dermis to tighten the surface of the skin.

Directly underneath the skin, there is skin tissue that keeps the fat layer and the skin separated. This tissue layer differs in structure, depending on your gender. Women have a tissue structure that runs in parallel lines, while men have crisscross or woven skin tissue. Although there are differences, our laser skin treatments are ideal for both genders. The Palomar deep IR laser’s waves pass harmlessly through healthy structures underneath the skin, including pigment cells, to deliver a stress-free and surgery-free solution to tightening skin. The infrared waves transform into heat energy once they reach the collagen structures underneath the surface. This is where the rejuvenation process starts.

Coagulation is the process of a bodily liquid, such as blood, turning into a solid or semi-solid state. This process is the body’s natural way of healing itself, which is the case when you sustain a cut or a bruise on your skin. The body will force blood to the surface, at which point the blood coagulates to form a scab. An identical process occurs with the collagen cells once hit with heat energy from the laser skin treatment. Old skin cells are coagulated and removed, which leads to the body replacing the old cells with brand-new ones.

DermaCare offers a comprehensive approach to laser skin treatment. If you need more info on our Palomar deep IR laser, or the process of treating the skin with infrared waves, feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries. Don’t let old or damaged skin ruin your day and choose DermaCare to rejuvenate the natural beauty in you.

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