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Liposlim Medical Weight-Loss Programme

An Effective Way to Lose Weight

Many diets are based on reducing the overall consumption of foods and liquids in the body. Although it is a viable way of weight-loss, it deprives the body of valuable nutrients and substances. Once you have reached your targeted weight through this method and start to eat normally again, your body will absorb fats like a sponge, which will lead to drastic and very rapid weight gain. This is a common side-effect of a “crash-diet”. We offer a scientific approach to losing weight with our Liposlim Medical Weight-Loss Programme.

This programme aims to help people lose weight, which is followed by indoctrinating and coaching their bodies to maintain a healthy state and avoid gaining weight afterwards. Our programme gives you the means to possibly lose between 2 and 3 kg per week. It includes the necessary supplements, injections, an individualised eating programme, and personal attention to optimise the results of this programme. We can also combine this programme with our range of slimming cosmetic treatments to address cellulite and stubborn fat deposits.

What is a Stubborn Fat Deposit?

Throughout the process of losing weight, you will decrease the size of the fat cells in your body. These cells sit underneath the skin tissue. In some cases, fat cells in specific parts of the body can be non-responsive to weight-loss, creating what we call “stubborn” fat deposits. These deposits can be broken down by carboxytherapy, LPG Endermologie, or Velashape II treatments. Cellulite is a common result of stubborn fat deposits that penetrated the skin tissue to form the lumpy surface on the skin. Although conventional methods are highly effective to reduce the size of these fat cells, we also recommend other treatments to take care of stubborn deposits.

What Are My Options?

We offer the Liposlim Medical Weight-Loss Programme over a course of 3 weeks or 6 weeks, dependent on how much weight you want to lose and your current body composition. We utilise the InBody 370 analyser to accurately measure your body composition, tracking your progress throughout the programme. With such an in-depth analysis, we can determine the necessary adjustments to your programme to optimise your results throughout such a process. If you want to take weight-loss seriously and adapt a healthy lifestyle, this is the programme for you.

DermaCare offers a variety of cosmetic treatments and products, as well as our Liposlim Medical Weight-Loss Programme, to ensure that you can bring out your true beauty. For more info on how we can be of assistance, please browse our website for details.

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