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LPG Body Contouring and Cellulite

Endermologie and Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition that is very common among women across the world. This condition is caused by fat deposits that penetrate the skin tissue to form the “orange peel” surface that is referred to as cellulite. Surgical cellulite treatments include liposuction as the most popular and commonly used method to get rid of those fat cells. Since conventional weight-loss methods will only reduce the size of fat cells, and in some cases lead to stubborn and non-responsive deposits, liposuction is a feasible solution to remove them completely. However, it doesn’t address the surface of the skin directly.

Endermologie is a temporary and non-surgical solution to the effects of cellulite on the surface of the skin. Louis-Paul Guitay was the first person to demonstrate this technique in the early 1980s as a means to treat burns, prevent skin contractions, and loosen scar tissue. However, it became a feasible method to smooth out the surface of the skin as well, diminishing the effects of cellulite. Its cosmetic applications became very popular across the world, as it entered the market in France and the USA shortly after its discovery.

How Can Endermologie Work for Me?

As previously stated, Endermologie is a temporary solution to the effect of cellulite on the surface of the skin. Therefore, it does not target or reduce the size of the fat cells causing the cellulite in the first place. Luckily, this treatment can be recurring for women suffering from cellulite. It is also a feasible solution to post-liposuction treatments to contour the body and deliver a smooth skin surface on the treated area. Endermologie is the only FDA-approved treatment that delivers a temporary solution to the effects of cellulite on the surface of the skin.

Keeping healthy is an active choice in lifestyle. Through dietary adjustments and regular exercise, you will burn calories and reduce the size of fat cells in your body. This process can assist in dealing with cellulite. However, if the effects of cellulite still remain because of stubborn and non-responsive fat cells, our LPG body contouring treatment can temporarily address the problem by smoothing out the skin with the assistance of Endermologie. Therefore, you can enjoy a smooth skin surface that is free of the undesired “orange peel” look.

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