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Nd: YAG Leg Vein Removal

An Effective Treatment for Visible Leg Veins

Visible leg veins can be embarrassing for many people who live with them. However, we offer an efficient and safe way to treat them. The Palomar Nd: YAG hand-held device is ideal to deal with these visible veins that can form on our legs. The treatment is comfortable and effective due to the advanced contact cooling system and sapphire treatment tip, being a physically non-invasive treatment that addresses this issue accordingly. When it comes to these types of treatment, people frequently trust the device without truly knowing how it works. Today, we will discuss how this device functions, and the benefits this type of treatment can possibly hold for you.

The Palomar Nd: YAG 1064 hand-held device produces a constant concentrated wavelength, or frequency, of light to address visible leg veins. This specific frequency, being a 1064-nm wavelength, falls under the spectrum of IR, which covers infrared light or radiation. This specific wavelength is ideal for targeting and treating visible leg veins on the skin’s surface. Once the pulses hit the visible vein, the IR energy is converted into heat energy, which heats up the blood within the targeted vein. The heated blood has a direct effect on the vessel lining, which causes the vessel to constrict. The result is the visible vein fading from underneath the skin.

Nd: YAG is an abbreviation for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet. It is a crystal that is used as a lasing medium, with a common usage for solid-state lasers. The operation of the Nd: YAG was first demonstrated in 1964, which accumulates to more than 5 decades of implementation. This type of crystal can be used to create a pulsed or continuous beam. The Palomar Nd: YAG 1064 device uses a pulsed mode, which is also known as Q-switching.

With our Nd: YAG leg vein removal treatment, you can be rid of embarrassing visible leg veins. You will require a consultation before-hand to be informed about the various aspects of this type of treatment. If you are on antibiotics or Cortisone, you must discontinue the intake of those substances 2 weeks prior to your scheduled treatment. We also advise against waxing, hair plucking, and bleaching for 4 weeks prior to the treatment. The treated area will turn pink and be slightly swollen for 24 hours afterwards. However, the vessel will either shrink, darken, or disappear once fully healed.

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