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Anti-Ageing Medicine

“Anti-Aging Medicine” is a new medical Modality which is based on the very early detection, prevention and reversal of age related disease. There is no biological reason why humans have to age. Our hormones do not decline because we age; we age because our hormones decline. The maximum life spans of humans will consistently increase and may even double within a generation.

Anti-ageing medicine offers:

  • An improved health span and not just a longer life span.
  • It looks at internal causes for treating/preventing external symptoms.
  • Is truly preventative medicine, by changing the process of ageing itself.
  • Prevents many of the physical and mental losses and helps maintain the highest physical and mental function possible.
  • The primary goal of anti-ageing medicine is improved health and well being. The only way to slow or reverse aging is to slow, prevent or reverse the diseases of aging by following anti-aging protocols and using relevant nutraceuticals.

For more information consult our resident doctor.


Stimulates the natural release of stem cells by the bone marrow. Helping the body to heal itself.


Glyconutrients are needed for optimum cell function and communication. Glycobalance – the sugars that heal for optimum cell health.