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Permanent Hair Removal

Efficient Hair Removal Solutions

Hair is a subject that has been debated over the centuries regarding fashion and beauty. When it comes to the hair that grows on our heads, we want to style it to suit our appearance and the latest trends. However, facial hair is only a desirable feature on men. When we look at the rest of our bodies, many people choose to shave their legs. Such a choice can be based on various elements, such as certain types of sports that require shaved legs, personal preference, or simply having smooth and soft legs.

Men struggle with excessive hair growth on certain areas of their bodies as well. These areas normally include the back, arms, and feet. Although the idea of permanent hair removal is not so appealing to men, it can be a solution to combat excessive hair growth in these areas. We offer a solution to permanent hair removal that is more effective and less painful than waxing. Waxing is not considered a permanent solution either, as the process only pulls out the hair and has nothing to do with the follicles. Our solution goes deeper than the surface, addressing the problem at its roots, literally.

The Palomar® Pulsed Light permanent hair removal system operates with the technology to convert light energy. This system is designed to pulse light onto the surface of the skin, at which point the light energy penetrates the surface of the skin and is converted. Once the light energy is underneath the skin, that energy is converted to heat energy. This heat energy is more than just a feeling that passes through your skin as the Palomar device is applied to the specific areas on your body. The heat is responsible for burning the follicles underneath the skin’s surface.

Hair follicles are responsible for the generation and growth of hair on your body. By going for the source, the Palomar® Pulsed Light system burns the follicles with the heat energy that is transferred through the pulsing light of the device. As the follicle is burned, the hair is released, and the follicle is deactivated from producing another hair. Therefore, you will drastically reduce the amount of hair that can be produced in the targeted area. The pulsing light energy feels like a rubber band hitting your skin, which makes it much more bearable than electrolysis or waxing.

DermaCare is your solution to permanent hair removal with the innovative and efficient Palomar® Pulsed Light system. This treatment is safe and highly recommended for both men and women who want to reduce or remove hair in specific areas on their bodies. Please contact us today with any enquiries.

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