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what is neostrata?

NeoStrata professional skin care products include peel treatments and home care products to stimulate skin rejuvenation of the face, décolletage, chest, shoulders, back, neck.

who should have these treatments?

Those with fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, skin that is prematurely aged, sun-damaged skin (age spots), hyperpigmentation, lax skin, tired-looking skin, dry skin, acne scars, oily skin, and uneven skin tone and texture. NeoStrata’s Neoceuticals™ product line has been developed for more serious skin conditions such as problem dry skin, acne, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Neostrata Peel


how does neostrata work?

NeoStrata products contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA or fruit acids that occur naturally in, for example, apples, grapes, and citrus fruits) and poly hydroxy acids (PHA) that mildly peel away dead cells on the skin surface to improve the visible signs of ageing or sun-damaged skin and to increase moisture content. Most products contain glycolic acid, an AHA found in cane sugar, which improves skin appearance and texture, especially in patients with dry, oily, and acne-prone skin.


are neostrata products safe?

NeoStrata products are developed and tested by dermatologists, are fragrance free, and are not tested on animals. They do not cause or aggravate acne. They are not toxic to skin cells and require little time for your skin to recover. They are superficial peels and do not contain phenol and trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which are toxic and used in deep peeling procedures.


what is the procedure?

Superficial peel treatments are performed under the supervision of a doctor. The peel product is applied to the skin for a short time and then chemically neutralised. The treatment rapidly removes dead surface skin cells to stimulate cell rebuilding and restructuring of the deeper skin layers.


is the procedure painful?

The procedure itself is not painful, but you may experience some stinging, itching, burning, mild pain or discomfort, sun sensitivity, and tightness during the repair/renewal period after the treatment. Light peeling is an expected result.


how long does the procedure take?

Superficial peel treatments are quick. About 30min.


is there anything i need to do after the peel treatment?

To help speed the renewal process, it is recommended that you:

  • Apply post-peel cream twice daily for seven days
  • Wash the treated areas very gently using a gently, soap-free cleanser
  • Avoid using abrasive or exfoliating sponges
  • If your skin is very sensitive, avoid make-up for a week
  • Do not apply a face mask
  • Avoid sun exposure, artificial tanning devices, and direct heat sources
  • Use sunscreen
  • Do not peel, pick, scrape, or scratch your skin
  • Do not wear tight fitting hats or headbands.