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Professional Cellulite Reduction

Professional Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a skin condition that is caused by subcutaneous fat that pushes through the connective tissue layer directly underneath the human skin. The direct effects appear on the surface of the skin, creating a dimpling effect on the affected area. Cellulite most commonly occurs on the pelvic area, more specifically the buttocks. This condition can be treated effectively and does not need to ruin your day out in the sun. DermaCare offers a solution for cellulite reduction that rejuvenates the affected area. This treatment is called carbon dioxide therapy, or carboxytherapy for short.

Women are more susceptible to cellulite than men, due to the structure of the connective tissue underneath the skin. A woman’s connective tissue runs in parallel connections, which creates larger gaps for the fat layer that is directly underneath it to push through. Men, on the other hand, have crisscross tissue connections, which reduces the potential openings for fat to be forced through. Luckily, DermaCare can treat the affected skin area appropriately to renew and rehabilitate the specific area of the body. Carboxytherapy sounds like a complex and intricate process. However, the concept is simplistic and effective.

Carbon Dioxide Therapy

As the name implies, this type of therapy uses carbon dioxide for cellulite reduction treatment and a spectrum of other skin rejuvenation solutions. Carboxytherapy can be implemented to fade stretch marks, rejuvenate eye contour areas, tighten loose skin, and treat wounds and scars on the surface of the body. This type of therapy consists of injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide beneath the skin. The carbon dioxide breaks down fat deposits and triggers a bodily reaction to stimulate collagen production. The process creates an oxygen deficit in the applied area, which forces the body to send a stream of nutrients and oxygen to the treated area.

The direct result of this surge of oxygen improves circulation in the area, which leads to cell restoration. Water retention is also improved in the treated area, giving the skin the resources to rejuvenate and heal itself. Treatment sessions can last between 15 minutes to an hour, with no necessary downtime needed. Now, you can get rid of cellulite much easier than before with carboxytherapy. DermaCare’s cellulite reduction treatment is effective for both men and women, giving you a feasible solution to a common problem.

DermaCare Aesthetic and Laser Institute has the cosmetic solutions to bring out the very best in your body. For more information on carbon dioxide treatment for cellulite reduction, please peruse our website for details. Choose DermaCare today and forget about cellulite on your body with carboxytherapy.

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