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Pulsed Light for Permanent Hair Removal

Pulsed Light Permanent Hair Removal

We take care of our bodies as human beings. Hair removal has always been a part of this endeavour, whether it is done through shaving or waxing. However, both these treatments only temporarily remove hair and can also promote hair growth and density in the treated areas. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution, but only targets a single follicle at a time. Therefore, a more effective method is required to address this issue. At DermaCare, we offer a solution through using pulsed light technology to target multiple hair follicles efficiently.

The Palomar medical laser hair removal system is the most advanced cosmetic laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) system that delivers a new way of permanent hair removal, targeting areas of unwanted hair as opposed to single follicles at a time. Sapphire treatment tips with an advanced cooling system helps to protect the epidermis and ensure more comfortable treatments. This treatment is very effective for men’s backs and women’s legs. With an area of follicles being treated, the treatment can remove unwanted hair quicker and more efficiently than ever before. This device uses light energy to disable hair follicles underneath the surface of the skin. The follicles are responsible for the natural growth of body hair. By targeting them, a permanent solution for hair removal is achieved.

Many people are afraid to approach such a new type of treatment. However, it is perfectly safe and effective for permanent hair removal on large areas. The device pulses light energy into the hair follicles that sit underneath the surface of the skin. The pigments in the follicles absorb the energy, at which point it is converted into heat energy. The heat disables the follicles and loosens the hair for permanent removal. As a result, the follicles cannot grow new hair to replace the removed hair. The surface of the device is cooled to protect the surface of the skin when the energy is released into the follicles.

The treatment consists of a therapist moving the hand piece of the device over the area of unwanted hair. The hand piece will be triggered to release light energy pulses into the skin, targeting the follicles. This sensation is comparable to a rubber band snapping on the skin. Therefore, it is a painless process in comparison to waxing. It is also more effective, as it delivers a permanent hair removal solution. Treatment recommendation is at least 6 treatments once every 4 weeks. In conclusion, the Palomar Pulsed Light hair removal system is an ideal and safe solution to address areas of unwanted hair on the body.

DermaCare offers a variety of cosmetic and laser treatment solutions for women and men. For more info on our permanent hair removal solutions, please peruse our website. If you want to permanently remove body hair on a specific area of your body, we can deliver a painless and effective solution to address the root of the problem and result in permanent removal.

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