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Tackling Cellulite and Stubborn Fat

Tackling Cellulite and Stubborn Fat

Taking care of your body is the healthy and responsible thing to do. Constant exercise and a healthy diet that accommodates your blood type will result in you being at your best. However, it is quite the challenge to maintain an ideal diet and commit to daily exercise routines. Fat deposits can form on you body, which can lead to cellulite. When committing to a diet that will reduce the fat in your body, there can sometimes be stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to it as well. In these situations, some people are pushed to drastic measures. Luckily, we offer a treatment that can reduce cellulite and target those stubborn deposits as well.

Carboxytherapy refers to a carbon dioxide therapy or treatment that can reduce cellulite, target stubborn fat deposits, and fade stretch marks. This type of treatment can also be handy for firming and brightening eye contours, tightening loose skin areas, and treating wounds or scars on the skin surface. Carboxytherapy might sound like an elaborate cosmetic surgical procedure, but actually only involves carbon dioxide injections. The treatment involves injecting tiny amounts of carbon dioxide underneath the skin. The carbon dioxide breaks down fat deposits and stimulates collagen production.

Carboxytherapy is done in sessions of between 15 minutes and an hour, dependent on the person being treated. As the carbon dioxide is infused beneath the skin, the body sees it as an oxygen deficit or shortage. Your body’s natural reaction is to deliver a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the specific area. This will improve blood and oxygen circulation on the treated area, which leads to cell restoration. Since the carbon dioxide breaks down fat deposits as well, this type of treatment is ideal for cellulite reduction.

Cellulite happens when fat deposits penetrate the skin tissue. At this point, the fat deposits become visible beneath the skin, creating that signature orange peel texture. Women are more susceptible to cellulite, as their skin tissue patterns run in parallel with each other, as opposed to a criss-cross pattern that is the case with men. Carboxytherapy is an ideal treatment that will rejuvenate the skin and the cells underneath the skin by forcing the body to provide more oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. As a result, the fat deposits will be reduced, which in turn reduces the visible cellulite.

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