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The Basics of Laser Hair Removal

The Basics of Laser Hair Removal


The human body is a unique and beautiful element of every individual. However, nobody has the perfect body. When it comes to hair, they can grow anywhere on the body, including several unwanted areas. For men, hair can grow on their backs and feet. For women, the focus revolves around the leg areas. Laser hair removal is a feasible option for people wanting to remove or reduce hair in unwanted areas on the body. This process is much more comfortable and safe in direct comparison to waxing or electrolysis.


At Dermacare, we offer the Palomar Pulsed Light Hair Reduction system, serving as a revolution in hair reduction and removal. This system can remove small and large areas of unwanted hair on the human body. The technology behind this unique system uses light energy to destroy or disable hair follicles. Hair follicles refer to the part of the hair that is responsible for hair growth. Using the energy of light, more than 1 hair can be targeted simultaneously during treatment. Therefore, this system is ideal for targeting larger areas of unwanted hair. This treatment is also safe for use on a variety of skin tones.


Laser hair removal has never been this safe and easy as using the Pulsed Light Hair Reduction system. This system utilises light energy pulses to directly target the follicles within a specified area. Once the light hits the follicles, it is absorbed and converted to heat energy. The heat is responsible for loosening the hair and disabling the follicles to grow new hair. This procedure is ideal for hair reduction and removal without causing a mess. It delivers a permanent solution in terms of hair reduction in specific areas as well.


Most hair are invisible to the naked eye. This procedure of laser hair removal can remove those unseen hair before they become visible. It also serves as a cost-effective solution in the long run for those struggling with excessive hair growth. A pulsed light energy hair reduction treatment can also remove ingrown hair and the shadowy tones of hair bed areas. The treatment is fairly painless, as the light energy will pulse onto your skin and be absorbed by the follicles instantly. You will feel the sensation of the light energy hitting your skin, which is much less painful in comparison to waxing.


Dermacare offers a revolutionary system for laser hair removal with the Palomar Pulsed Light Hair Reduction system. For more information on this method to reduce and remove hair, please peruse our website for details. Choose Dermacare today for a variety of cosmetic treatments to bring out the beauty of your body.

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