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The DermaCare Signature Facial

The DermaCare Signature Facial

When you want a comprehensive facial treatment, our DermaCare Signature Facial is the answer. This facial treatment combines various elements of our cosmetic treatment line-up to deliver an extensive approach to facial skin rejuvenation. This treatment is designed to treat problematic facial skin conditions and areas that include wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation issues caused by sun damage. We want to make you feel comfortable while you receive a facial as well. Therefore, this treatment includes either an Indian head massage or a hand and foot massage as per your preference.

What Does this Signature Treatment Include?

The DermaCare Signature Facial begins with a Microdermabrasion treatment that utilises the Mattioli Ultrapeel Pepita microdermabrasion machine. This treatment will rid your skin of dead skin cells to create a smooth and rejuvenated surface so that your skin can absorb active ingredients from skincare products at a better and more efficient rate. Therefore, when you apply skincare products, you can expect better and more desirable results. Once this treatment is done, we target the problematic areas underneath the surface of the skin.

IPL photo-rejuvenation is a type of treatment to target damaged blood vessels underneath the surface of the skin. We utilise a Palomar IPL hand-held device that is one of the most advanced cosmetic pulsed light systems on the market today. This hand-held device features sapphire cooling tips, with an advanced cooling system, to ensure that you stay comfortable and your skin stays cool during the light pulses. This device generates and pulses intense IR light that penetrates the surface of the skin without damaging healthy cells, targeting damaged blood vessels and old collagen cells underneath. Once the light is absorbed by the skin, it turns into heat energy. Therefore, the Palomar device is designed to keep your skin cool before, during, and after treatment.

The treatment concludes with a soothing and healing masque that is designed to calm and hydrate your skin. With the masque applied, we offer a relaxing experience with your choice of either an Indian head massage or a foot and hand massage. Therefore, your facial skin and your mind will be rejuvenated and refreshed with our DermaCare Signature Facial.

DermaCare offers a wide variety of cosmetic products and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to give you the opportunity to bring out your true beauty. For more info on our Signature Facial treatment, please browse our website for details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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