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The Nature of Cellulite and Some Effective Forms of Treatment

The Nature of Cellulite and Some Effective Forms of Treatment

While fat is certainly a contributor to the effect commonly described as “orange-peel skin”, the condition is not actually confined to those who are overweight. The dimpled effect occurs because, even when the levels of subcutaneous fat are well within normal limits, weakness in the connective tissue above can allow lumps of fat to protrude between its strands to form visible irregularities. Although it only occurs in about 10% of males, as many as 90% of women are likely to experience this dimpling of the skin, which is more formally known as cellulite, and for which there are several forms of treatment.

In keeping with the general trends in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, the emphasis has been on developing minimally-invasive and non-invasive procedures that are effective without subjecting patients to significant pain or discomfort, or requiring extended recovery time. Among the former group of procedures, carboxytherapy has been gaining widespread acceptance as one or the most effective techniques for promoting skin rejuvenation. In addition to its use in treating the stretch marks that are frequently an unwelcome legacy of pregnancy and the loose skin that tends to develop with age, carboxytherapy is also a very effective technology for cellulite treatment.

The procedure consists of injecting minute amounts of the gas, carbon dioxide, beneath the skin where it then acts to break down deposits of fat, whilst simultaneously stimulating the production of healthy new collagen. The sudden high concentration of CO2 in the tissues prompts the body to increase circulation in the affected regions to restore oxygen levels which promotes these restorative activities. The combination of reduced subcutaneous fat and stronger strands of connective tissue results in an overall smoothing effect that helps to reduce the dimpled appearance often likened to cottage cheese, thus serving as an effective form of cellulite treatment.

Among the non-invasive techniques employed for this purpose, VelaShape™ has been approved by the FDA as suitable for body contouring and circumferential reduction. It is not a weight-loss method per se, but can be used to treat those stubbornly resistant areas that frequently fail to respond to diet and exercise. The methodology combines physical massage by means of vacuum applicator with the use of radio frequency and infra-red energy. Moving the applicator over the affected regions produces a kneading effect that improves the penetration of RF and IR energy to deliver a deep-heating effect that stimulates the production of the proteins collagen and elastin, which are essential for the formation of healthy, firm connective tissue.

As was the case with carboxytherapy, the overall effect of the VelaShape™ procedure is to smooth the skin, thus providing an effective cellulite reduction treatment.

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