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Things You Need to Know About Modern Anti-Aging Treatments

Things You Need to Know About Modern Anti-Aging Treatments

Not just the fictional construct of writers like Oscar Wilde, the means to achieve eternal youth has been an unending quest of mankind, quite possibly since the first primitive humans set foot on the planet. Although, to date, nobody can claim to have been successful in the attempt to permanently reverse or even to halt the physical effects of the advancing years, there are now a substantial number of anti-aging treatments that can, at least, grant their recipients a chance to retain the appearance of youth for a while longer.

Many of those seeking help either lack sufficient funds or the will to utilise the services of a cosmetic surgeon, and endure all the pain, bruising, and swelling that this normally entails. Fortunately, however, there are now several alternative ways in which to achieve similar results without the need for anaesthesia, incisions, sutures, or a lengthy recovery period.

The various treatments applied for anti-aging purposes are manifold, and they can be divided into three main categories. While one of these employs the application of topical lotions and creams to provide toning and tightening effects, the other two categories consist of methods that rely upon the use of physical and/or chemical actions that are applied using either a minimally invasive procedure or, where possible, a totally non-invasive technique.

Without doubt, the most widely known of the minimally invasive, anti-aging treatments are dermal fillers and Botox™. Although their actions differ, both therapies involve the injection of a chemical compound beneath the skin, and are used primarily to treat the facial area. The latter employs a powerful bacterial extract that acts to relax the small muscles whose contractions are responsible for the fine lines associated with age, such as the crow’s feet that form around the eyes and furrow lines on the forehead. By contrast, fillers exert a plumping effect by replacing volume lost through the decline of the body’s ability to produce the connective tissue proteins, collagen and elastin.

Collagen itself may be injected in this type of anti-aging treatment, as can hyaluronic acid, a natural component of cartilage known to aid healing of the skin. While the two substances produce a similar plumping effect, it is believed that the latter might also act to stimulate the production of healthy new collagen.

Chemical peels, infra-red and laser irradiation, dermabrasion, and carboxytherapy are all highly effective methods with which to rejuvenate your skin and to gain a younger, healthier look. Which of these options may be the best choice for you will depend on several factors. Few are better qualified to offer advice about anti-aging treatments than our team at DermaCare

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