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This Advanced Cellulite Therapy Achieves What Diet and Exercise Cannot

This Advanced Cellulite Therapy Achieves What Diet and Exercise Cannot

It is well known that the dimpled, lumpy appearance commonly affecting the buttocks and thighs, particularly in women, is known to be the result of excess subdermal fat. That said, it’s not surprising that so many of those affected become frustrated when the lumps and bumps fail to disappear, despite all of the months spent dieting and exercising. These stubborn fatty deposits are known as cellulite, and only specialised therapy is likely to be effective in restoring the former smooth and firmer appearance of the affected areas.

So, what is so different about these fatty deposits that they are so resistant to conventional weight-loss activities? Firstly, you need to understand that this is not a rare problem, but one that is experienced, at some time in their lives, by between 80 and 90% of women and, although less common, even some men may display this embarrassing dimpling. The appearance, sometimes described as orange-peel skin or hail-damage, occurs when deposits of fat are pushed through the overlying and weakened connective tissue to become trapped just below the skin, and thus visible. While the lettuce leaves and push-ups may burn off subcutaneous fat, cellulite requires a different type of therapy.

Rather than relying on enhanced metabolic activity alone, various technologies, including the use of laser energy and acoustic waves, can be applied topically. Although the process by which this is achieved may differ, the aim of each is to provide a sculpting effect that acts to smooth out those unsightly irregularities in the treated areas.

One popular and effective form of topical sculpting technology offered at the DermaCare is appropriately known as Silhouette™ cellulite treatment. This form of therapy makes use of an electro-mechanical hand-held device that applies gentle suction to fold and massage the tissue in the affected areas. This results in increased circulation which, in turn, acts to stimulate the underlying layers of fat and connective tissue, thus breaking down the septa that serves to enclose and isolate the fatty tissue responsible for those unwanted lumps, and promoting improved lymphatic drainage. The treatment also provides a beneficial secondary effect in the form of increased exfoliation, which further enhances the appearance of the treated areas.

When used for cellulite therapy, in most cases, a course of 35-minute Silhouette™ treatments conducted weekly over a six-week period will produce a reduction of dimpling often accompanied by circumferential reduction as well. It is not, however, a weight-loss treatment, so patients who wish to shed a few excess kilos will still need to consider modifying their eating habits and getting a little more exercise.

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