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Treatments for Your Face

Treatments for Your Face

Facial treatments can include a wide selection of surgical procedures and analysis. In most cases, this type of treatment involves the skin of the face. Age lets the skin loosen up to cause wrinkles on the face. Loose facial skin can also lead to other unhealthy developments. Luckily, DermaCare offers an all-inclusive approach to facial care and treatment. Our selection of facial treatments will bring out the natural beauty in you and rejuvenate the skin to appear more healthy, tight, and smooth.

On a medical level, it is critical to assess and monitor a specific state before recommending a specified treatment to address a highlighted problem. Therefore, we offer the VISIA® complexion analysis to accurately analyse the health of your skin. This imaging system reproduces over-time intervals of your facial skin with various positioning aids and filters to analyse the gathered data. Photographic filters include standard, cross-polarised, and UV filters to accurately measure surface and sub-surface skin conditions. Once the analysis is complete, our medical professionals can recommend a course of action, treatment, and products to enhance the health of your facial skin.

With your initial analysis report, the VISIA® complexion analysis results will be used as a baseline to track future progress. Should a specific recommended facial treatment be viable for you, the analytical data can be used to accurately measure your progress. This process will immediately show if the recommended treatment is effective or should be adjusted or changed for more optimal results. The analytics will revolve around 8 influential areas, including skin pigmentation, pore size, porphyrins, UV spots, photo damage, texture, and wrinkles. These aspects will directly impact the appearance of your skin and can be addressed with various facial treatments.

The skin’s complexion and appearance are dependent on various unchangeable factors. Pigmentation and gender are influencing factors that cannot be altered, as the skin’s structure will adapt accordingly. Skin tissue structure underneath the surface of the skin is determined by your gender, while the colour of your skin is determined by your race and genealogical setup. As a result, each individual will have a unique skin, which means that our facial treatments should be versatile and adaptable. Therefore, the VISIA® complexion analysis will be beneficial to anyone who considers facial treatment.

DermaCare offers professional facial treatment solutions to bring out the natural beauty in you. We can perform a deep and accurate analysis to pinpoint the problematic areas of your facial skin. From there, we will recommend an effective treatment programme to rejuvenate and restore the skin. For more info on our available facial treatments, please browse our website for details.

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