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Using Carboxytherapy As a Method to Rejuvenate Skin

Using Carboxytherapy As a Method to Rejuvenate Skin

Skin rejuvenation treatments are designed to tighten and renew the skin. In some cases, such treatments go to extreme measures for the desired results. However, carboxytherapy delivers an effective treatment option that can be used to target problematic areas on your body. This treatment utilises carbon dioxide, as the name implies. It is also becoming one of the leading skin rejuvenation treatments in the world, delivering a unique and efficient way to fade stretchmarks, diminish cellulite, and tighten loose skin.

Stretchmarks are created when the skin is stretched beyond its norm. Pregnancy is the main contender for creating stretchmarks. They can also be formed throughout the teen years, when your body is growing at a very rapid pace. These marks never disappear, as they are considered permanently scarred areas on the skin. However, they can be faded with carboxytherapy. This type of therapy is also effective on areas of the skin that suffer from cellulite. This specific skin condition is a result of fat deposits that penetrate the layer of skin tissue that is directly underneath the skin. This creates little clusters that are visible on the surface of the skin, resulting in the orange peel texture.

Cellulite can also form from water retention pockets that penetrate the skin tissue. With many treatments that are available for this specific condition, carboxytherapy offers an efficient and rejuvenating method to deal with cellulite. This skin rejuvenation treatment can also be used to treat other scars and wounds on the skin. The concept is simplistic and effective. It involves injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide beneath the skin the break down fat deposits and stimulate collagen production in the targeted area. The body reacts to this injection and treats it as an oxygen deficit.

When this reaction is triggered, the body’s response is to provide a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the specific area. This sudden burst of resources will improve the circulation in the specific area, which will result in cell restoration. It also addresses water retention issues in the targeted area. The stimulated collagen production softens fine wrinkles and reduces the visibility of scars and stretchmarks on the skin’s surface. Therefore, the combination of carbon dioxide that breaks down fat deposits, collagen production that addresses scars and fine lines, and a surge of oxygen and nutrients will result in rejuvenated skin on the targeted area.

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