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Using Chemical Peels for Facial Skin Treatment

Using Chemical Peels for Facial Skin Treatment

With various technological and scientific advancements in the medical world, the world of cosmetics is also taking a step forward. The Visia Skin Analysis System utilises cross-polarised and UV lighting to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your facial skin. This system can recommend several types of products and treatments to address various issues and problematic areas of your facial skin, whether it is related to the surface or sub-surface of your skin. If you are looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive solution to facial skincare, chemical peels can be the answer for you.

How Can I Utilise Chemical Peels?

With the Visia Skin Analysis, your facial skin is analysed on various levels and from 3 different rotations. This type of analysis will determine whether you need chemical skin peels to address issues such as acne scars, fine line, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation. It will also determine the type of chemical peels to use for the related issues. When our skin is damaged, the surface of the skin is peeled away naturally to allow the cells to restructure and rejuvenate the damaged area. This process is most prevalent on skin that suffered sunburn. Chemical peels work in a similar fashion.

Which Type of Chemical Peel is Ideal for Me?

This question is answered based on the results of your skin analysis. Light peels will usually require 3 to 5 days to complete a shedding process on an applied area of the facial skin. These peels can address minor issues to rejuvenate the surface of the skin and result in a more youthful texture. There is no downtime involved for someone using light chemical peels. However, if you require medium peels, you can expect some flaking or redness on the applied areas, requiring some time to heal.

Medium peels focus on deeper skin-related issues, taking between 5 and 7 days to complete the peeling process. If you have sub-surface issues such as acne scars or hyperpigmentation, the deep peels are recommended to treat such areas. These peels are very potent and should only be used on a recommendation from a professional skincare consultant. Therefore, we recommend that you start with our Visia Skin Analysis to ensure that chemical peels are the best solution before considering them for yourself.

DermaCare is your solution to effective skincare products and treatments in Gauteng. With our Visia Skin Analysis, we can determine the best possible skincare products for you, which can include chemical peels to treat surface and sub-surface areas. For more info, please contact us today with any enquiries on our available solutions.

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