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Visia Skin Analysis Benefits

Quality Skin Complexion Analysis

Facial skin treatment is taken to a new and more efficient level with the Visia Skin Analysis System. This system offers a comprehensive approach to analysing your facial skin, making use of various imaging techniques to deliver accurate results on your current facial skin condition. With 8 unique image filters, this analysis will ensure that you can adapt your skincare regiment, using products that are suitable to your complexion, age, and gender. These results can also be compared to others of the same age and gender.

How Can I Benefit from the Visia Skin Analysis?

If you want to take your facial skincare to the next level, the Visia Skin Analysis is ideal for you. This system utilises cross-polarised and UV lighting to take images from different angles for optimal results. These unique lighting sources can record and measure the skin’s surface and sub-surface conditions. Images taken with UV light can deliver comprehensive data on various elements of the facial skin, which might be missed otherwise. Therefore, you can expect a complete analysis that delivers useful results to ensure that you can use the correct skincare products moving forward.

How Does It Work?

The Visia Skin Analysis System features a multi-point positioning system and a live image overlay to simplify the process of capturing images from different angles and documenting progress for clients. The rotating capture module features a stationary positioning for your face, with the module rotating while you keep your head in place. The module captures images from 3 different rotations, including left, right, and frontal facial views for a comprehensive result. This system captures 8 different images on each rotation, ensuring that your skincare products can be personalised to meet your skin’s needs.

Using your first analysis as a baseline, we can utilise the VIsia Skin Analysis System to track your progress with the newly recommended and implemented skincare products. Therefore, you will see the results of the products that were recommended to you, displaying the efficiency over time. As a result, if you must adjust anything in your regiment, this analysis can serve as a reference point to test certain products that address specific skin-related issues. With this handy piece of equipment, you can take advantage of modern-day science to take your skincare to the next level and experience healthier, more youthful facial skin.

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