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Liposlim Weightloss Program

All About
Liposlim Weightloss Program

The aim of the program is to help people lose weight and then motivate them with permanent healthy eating habits and adequate liquid intake in order to maintain their new weight and not regain weight, as is the case with most other diets.

You can lose 2-3 kg per week with the help of this scientific program.

The program includes supplements, injections, an individualised eating program, personal attention and great results. Become part of a healthy lifestyle.

Excellent results are achieved when this program is combined with Endermologie, Carboxytherapy, or Velashape treatments.

– Sugar (Diabetes)
– Cholesterol
– Hypo and Hyperthyroid Gland
– Hormonal
– Uncontrolled High/ Low Blood Pressure
– Pregnancy/ Lactating
– Anorexia/ Bulimia

Liposlim not only supplies a quick and effective solution to your weight problem but also offers a maintenance program, which becomes a part of your lifestyle.

This prevents the usual weight gain as soon as more calories are consumed. We have found that the bottom line of obesity is a lack of self-discipline combined with incorrect eating (not necessarily too much) over a period of time. This is one of the reasons why our program is optimal as we see our clients three times per week during which we weigh, control, advise, follow-up, and encourage.

At DermaCare we offer a three-week and a six-week program. In three week program, the aim should be to lose at least 3-5 kg. During the 6-week program, clients can lose anything from 8-12 kg, depending on the individual, age, etc.

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