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Infrared Skin Tightening Solutions

Skin Tightening Solutions

Our skin is one of the most important organs of our bodies. It is critical that we take care of our skin, especially our facial skin. Therefore, the world of cosmetics is constantly evolving to find better and more approachable ways for skin treatment. Deep infrared skin tightening is a revolutionary way to tighten areas of the skin that are affected by aging. By utilising wavelengths from the IR spectrum, the Palomar Lux Deep IR hand-held device can penetrate the surface of your skin to target the cells underneath.

How Does It Work?

The process of deep infrared skin tightening targets the collagen cells in the dermal layers of your skin. Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin tissue, which has a direct effect on the structure and texture of our skin. As we age, our skin loses healthy collagen and elastin cells, which leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin-related issues. Deep infrared skin tightening targets collagen cells that are damaged, forcing them to coagulate and be replaced with new cells for a rejuvenated and more youthful skin surface and structure. Therefore, you can avoid a surgical facelift if you want to address saggy facial skin.

What Happens When IR Hits the Skin Surface?

The Palomar Lux Deep IR device features a 3-stage cooling system to ensure that your skin stays cool and under regulated temperatures during treatment. Since this device generates IR wave pulses, it is pivotal to adjust for the effect these pulses will have on contact with the skin. IR is considered a form of light energy, which is absorbed by the body once it hits the surface of the skin. However, the light energy converts into heat energy once it hits the skin, which is why the device features its advanced cooling system.

This cooling system cools the surface of the skin as it approaches the surface before the light pulse. It also has a contact sensor that triggers the device to cool your skin while the device fires IR waves. With contact cooling, the area of the treated skin will stay cool afterwards as well. The heat that is transferred through the dermis will force damaged collagen cells to coagulate and be replaced with new cells. This process will deliver a rejuvenated skin surface and texture, addressing problems such as wrinkles and fine lines that can form as we age.

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